1. My username and password from the old site/forum won’t work. Why can’t I login?
    The new site uses a membership management software that is not linked to the old site. Once your current membership expires, someone from our team will contact you to renew using the new website.
  2. Am I missing anything by not being able to sign into the new website?
    No! We have intentionally not moved anything behind the paywall until we have fully transitioned all members to the new site.
  3. Why didn’t we transition all members at once?
    While our new membership management system offers many benefits, unfortunately we did not have the ability to pro-rate memberships for our existing members. For example, this meant that a member with six months remaining in their membership term would have lost that time and paid two years worth of dues for only a one and a half year membership instead of receiving a full two years.
  4. I know I registered on the new site but I don’t remember my password. How can I reset it?
    You can reset your password HERE. NOTE: This link will work for the new website only.
  5. Where are the forums?
    The forum database has been archived and will be moved to the new server where they will be re-activated here on the new website. This is a delicate process that requires assistance from the third party forum software provider. We recognize the importance of the forum to the community and we appreciate your patience while we complete this very important task. We expect to have the forums up and running in the first quarter of 2022.
  6. What if I still have questions?
    If you still have questions please contact membership@cbbqa.org.