CBBQA Awards
Each year, the California BBQ Association (CBBQA) recognizes select members for their exemplary leadership, achievements, and service to the community. The nomination period for awards is November 1-20 each year.

Walton Award
The Walton Award, named for Bent Walton of Clovis, California, recognizes outstanding achievement and contribution to the BBQ community. Together Brent and Kim Walton won 23 Grand Championships. Brent served as CBBQA President and was a mentor, instructor, and restauranteur. The award is given to a member in good standing based on the following criteria:

  1. Contribution to their community through projects outside of BBQ contests
  2. Demonstrated commitment to growing the sport through mentorship of both new and/or experienced cooks
  3. Dedication to the sport through hospitality at BBQ events to cooks and/or the public

Previous recipients include:

  • Andy Soto
  • Ted & Ardith
  • Kathlene & Kelly McIntosh
  • Ric Gilbert
  • Bill Keyes
  • Tim Wong
  • Rick Mysse
  • Ed Williams
  • Patty Fisher Sharpe
  • Fred Peleki Bland

McIntosh Certified BBQ Judge of the Year Award
The CBBQA recognizes and appreciates the importance of its BBQ judges and the role they play in collectively judging competition barbecue. The McIntosh Certified BBQ Judge of the Year (CBJoY) Award recognizes the dedication, leadership, and exemplary behavior of judges in the California BBQ community. The award is named after Kelly & Kathleen McIntosh to honor their tremendous contributions to our judging community. Kelly and Kathleen exemplify the attributes of fairness, kindness, and class combined with a solid sense of humor. The award is given to a member in good standing based on the following criteria:

  1. Exemplary record of volunteer service to the CBBQA (participation or judging in sanctioned events, backyard contests, number of contests judged, level of participation at contests, training of new judges, outreach, charitable events, participation in committees or leadership roles are all considered).
  2. Significant contribution toward the mission of the CBBQA (health and education of community, enjoy, preserve and promote barbecue),
  3. Significant contribution through volunteering time, talent, and/or service.

Previous recipients include:

  • Tracy Allen
  • Bob Bass
  • Paul Richardson
  • Benny Chang
  • Brian DeCoud
  • Chris Allingham
  • Scott Simpson
  • Scott Shimano